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We are currently looking for NEW exciting, interesting new authors so we can publish your book.

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We are writers and authors - we get it and understand the whole business. We also understand how difficult it is for you to get published.


As a new publishing house, we have decided to open our services for fifty new writers that want to get their book published. There is a criteria and it’s the same criterion we use for our own books.

Your manuscript should be complete, edited, checked for legal issues, copyright covered, edited and complete. Your cover should include the front, back and the spine. If you have that please get in touch (advice available please ask).

If you are almost there you can still get in touch as we offer services that will have the above done and then published.

Our newest author David Nore had his manuscript lying on his computer for ten-years until we took the file and put it into print.

 Our latest author David Nore and his brilliant book Lucifer Michael & I

Our latest author David Nore and his brilliant book Lucifer Michael & I

Book Publishing Services Overview

How do you get published? We are published writers - we get it and understand the mass of book publishing information out there is confusing and frankly most of the time - never worked for us! So everything and anything from a manuscript file to your book into print we have been through it. Our writer, author and book publishing services are not designed to be cheap but are designed to get you where you want to be as an author much faster.

NOTE: At this time we only offer paid-for services. We do not offer title or author advances - yet!


Book Launch Consultancy

We can help you take a new book from unknown to seen everywhere using proven, tested and very targeted strategies and tactics. Our advice includes online and offline. We only advise what we have done ourselves and has worked for us, our books and our authors books. We can get your book seen in the biggest platforms online at incredible rates. Before you contact us we must know what your book launch budget is. The fee below is based on an initial one hour advice and investigate call. Contact to inquire. 

From £250

Writers and authors

From Manuscript File To Print - Consulting

At Master And Man but we can offer you advice on how to go from file to print. We have years of experience in self-publishing or being published through a publisher like Master and Man Books.

Everything from the name of your book to the design of your cover, to the contents inside, layout of the manuscript and finally how to get a book on your desk we can help. The price is based on an initial one consultation. Contact to inquire. 

From £250

Other Services Master and Man Books can offer you

Aspiring authors and the writers

From File to Print 

We do everything required to take your book from your desktop or laptop and publish your book

  • Hardcopy version of the book

  • Kindle/e-version of the book

  • Book cover design consulting and design

  • Hardcover; softcover; custom and limited edition book cover style and design consulting

  • Book interior page layout for hardcopy books

  • Book interior page layout for kindle version

  • ISBN allocation

  • Become a published author

  • Flexible contract

  • Your book distributed to over 70 online book retailers, including Amazon, Barns&Noble and all good online bookstores

  • Book promotion consulting

  • Book launch consulting

  • A direct access to our consultants

  • A basic author profile set up for the book title and a media pack

Book promotion and advertising online 

For established authors, and aspiring authors/published authors in the making

This is a paid advertising option to maximise your book exposure.

A book launch promotion, special offer promotions and other deal that will maximise the book sale;
Follow up book launch promotions; 

Your books will be advertised in front of the targeted readers via Amazon placements and recommendations;
GoodReads and all main online bookclubs targeted to book-readers according to their book style preferences.
Social Media advertising 

And ...

Writers Mentor Program

Advanced upgrades available to publish your book with Master&Man Books

How to write and publish your book 2 day training, with an opportunity to publish your book with Master&Man Books is available here.