Lucifer, Michael And I

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Lucifer, Michael And I


Two Brothers, One Prize

By David Nore

Release Date: December 2017



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Anyone with any interest in the Bible, Bible characters or even the possibility of what really took place during the period of creation and then the fall from grace. This book spectacularly adds detail in such powerful logic you I almost feel convinced the author was there.

Just a mind-blowing - wow - on every page read.

Lucifer, Michael and I is the most thought-provoking book I have ever read.

We really don't understand our past. We've got the atheists operating in a vacuum, the religious pointing to the Bible and many of the undecided leaning on legends about the Greek gods.

Who would have thought that some of the Bible gods were the same characters as the unpredictable and fractious Greek gods? In their tales, both use the Earth as a battlefield, the men as toy soldiers and the women as sexual playthings.

This is a historical saga which connects the dots, adds flesh to the bones and paints a clearer picture of our doings than a smartphone with gazillions of pixels. The book allows you to 'see' the past with more clarity than any religious preacher or secular historian.

Nore has combined detail with an extraordinary understanding of the great sweep of our past. He writes with a silky smoothness, enticing you right into the middle of the action.

I don't think anybody has attempted to explain our beginnings in this way.

Lucifer, Michael and I is a novel both contentious and enlightening, entertaining and educational. It may flip your thinking about matters religious.

But first and foremost it is a brilliant novel. You won't be able to put down.

I was sorry to reach the end.

Alan Forrest Smith

Writer and Publisher

AMAZON FIVE STAR REVIEW: I loved this book for these reasons. Years ago I actually read the Bible. The Bible has a lot of detail missing. It mentions Adam and Even but no more details. David has done something that is not only extremely daring but reads like it is a missing part of the Bible. The detail is astonishing. From how empires, cities and the world is run to the origin of gods and worship. This isn't just a book about religion it is a boo that has taken a risk and filled out so many hidden details of the world that it reads so naturally you'd be forgiven in thinking it is really part of the Bible. Honestly, if you have an interest in reading a book that is different, e[pic, detail-driven, takes risks and does it so wonderfully well you will love every word. From start to end I was hooked on all 600-pages. By the way, this isn't a book size I would usually read but I count put this one down. Love it. I wish I could give 10-stars!

AMAZON FIVE STAR REVIEW: I wasn't at all sure what to expect from this book, but as it turned out it is a truly excellent read.
An omnipotent and benevolent being puts his two senior sons in charge of a project to create, develop and populate the Earth. The amicable working relationship between the two brothers soon breaks down and they battle for supremacy over the new realm. The new inhabitants of Earth become expendable pawns in the ultimate game of thrones, and the lines between good and evil become a little blurred along the way.

On the surface its a thoroughly entertaining story, but if you like your books to make you think a bit too, then this one will definitely have your brain ticking over. The author's style is very elegant and the story flows off the pages like water, making this book a difficult one to put down.

AMAZON FIVE STAR REVIEW: A retrospective 'fly-on-the-wall' narrative from one of the higher ranked sons of God. God's favorite sons, Michael and Lucifer, are ripping humanity apart with their petty sibling rivalry and God is refusing to take sides.....But who will win in the end?? Brilliantly written, this has to be an early contender for best book of the year.

AMAZON FIVE STAR REVIEW: I was asked by a relative to write a review , to be honest I wasn't that enthusiastic. How surprised was I? This is a compelling story of 2 brothers , not one good and the other bad , but rather both brothers egotistical,arrogant, dismissive of human life and indifferent to the suffering of humans. One brother understood the human psyche and used it to his advantage, the other expected humans to attain a higher moral plane than he was capable of and he condemned them for it. The logic of this novel turns your thinking upside down, it flows like water , page after page . The fly on the wall narrative puts you at the centre of the action which compels you to keep reading until you have read every single page. You will not want to put the book down and you will want to talk about it. This book does not fit any genre I am aware of . If you like fantasy you will love it, if you are interested in biblical history it will challenge your thinking and if you like a darn good read it will keep you turning pages well into the night.

AMAZON FIVE STAR REVIEW: This is a book that will appeal to both believers and non-believers. There’s nothing to upset a believer; Scriptures are used correctly, and the different scenes follow the timeline of the Old Testament. Non-believers can enjoy a story on its own merit; it really is a page-turner. *Full disclosure, I'm a paid contributor. But I'd still highly recommend reading this fascinating book. I'm looking forward to the sequel!


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