Your Manuscript to Published Author - How?

How do you become a published author and publish your book? We are published writers - we get it and understand the mass of book publishing information out there is confusing and frankly most of the time - never worked for us! So everything and anything from a manuscript file to your book into print we have been through it before you and understand how to make the process easier.

We are looking for new authors and writers like you to publish your first or next book. This means you will become a published author that can access fame and glory much easier - if that is what you want. Or you simply might want to create your legacy in words.

The kind of books we are looking for

  • Interesting books (Biography etc)

  • Philosophy books

  • Short compelling stories (even one single A4)

  • Books 10,000 words or less

  • Novellas

  • Poetry

  • Spiritual, ghost type fiction

We are very interested in seeing your books. Once we see them, we will let you know very quickly if we can publish them.

There are a few terms that must be addressed before we can publish your book.

Things like

  • Full typo and grammar edit

  • A legal edit

  • Layout and design

  • Cover (We can help you with your book cover)

  • And a few other pre-publishing details

By the way, if you have none of those we are still interested and can help you sort all of those publishing details out.

Please visit our submissions page here to send us your book manuscript and details.

Our from Book Manuscript to Publishing service includes:

  • We do everything required to take your book from your desktop or laptop and publish your book

  • Hardcopy version of the book

  • Kindle/e-version of the book

  • Book cover design consulting and design

  • Hardcover; softcover; custom and limited edition book cover style and design consulting

  • Book interior page layout for hardcopy books

  • Book interior page layout for kindle version

  • ISBN allocation

  • Become a published author

  • Flexible contract

  • Your book distributed to over 70 online book retailers, including Amazon, Barns&Noble and all good online bookstores

  • Book promotion consulting

  • Book launch consulting

  • A direct access to our consultants

  • A basic author profile set up for the book title and a media pack.

Please visit our submissions page here to send us your book manuscript and details.

Please note, we do not yet offer title or author advances.

Just having an idea about your book? Visit our Writers Services.

For more visit our FAQs page.