How Much Will It Cost Me to Take My Book Manuscript, Then Get It Published, And What Will I Get in Return?

A quick overview of how Master And Man Books will publish your book(s), from file to print including your rights as an author, royalties, prices, and the details of the publishing process.

Our from Book Manuscript to Publishing service includes:

  • We do everything required to take your book from your desktop or laptop and publish your book

  • Hardcopy version of the book

  • Kindle/e-version of the book

  • Book cover design consulting and design

  • Hardcover; softcover; custom and limited edition book cover style and design consulting

  • Book interior page layout for hardcopy books

  • Book interior page layout for kindle version

  • ISBN allocation

  • Become a published author

  • Flexible contract

  • Your book distributed to over 70 online book retailers, including Amazon, Barns&Noble and all good online bookstores

  • Book promotion consulting

  • Book launch consulting

  • A direct access to our consultants

  • A basic author profile set up for the book title and a media pack.

Other FAQs:

  • Authors (your) rights - The author maintains full worldwide rights and ownership

  • Exit from the contract - There is no penalty for an early exit and the author is free to change the publisher

  • How long will it take to publish your book - If your book is ready to publish (fully edited) we aim to publish within 3 to 4 months.

  • Royalties, advances - 40% of net sales. At present we do not offer author advances

  • Publishing fees - £2500 with zero commitment to purchase in bulk the books

  • Any book purchase requirements - NO

  • Is cover design included in the price? - No, but we can create your book cover design from £1995.

  • What about book edit and proof reading? - Your book should be fully edited and free from spelling and grammatical errors before we can print it.

  • Distribution channels - Worldwide distribution via our partners IngramSpark, we distribute across all good online retailers and wholesalers including Amazon, Barnes&Noble

  • Author book discounts - Author can purchase at a book print rate

If we missed anything please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions.

For more please visit from Manuscript to Print service page.

Tamara and Alan Forrest-Smiths

Master And Man Books