Writers Course & Authors Retreat 7-Days In Tbilisi, Georgia

  • Learn How To Write a Book  
  • Discover Easier Ways To Publish a Book
  • How To Create Your First Book
  • The Secrets of Creative Writing Ideas
  • Discover The Good and Bad of Self Publishing
  • Dozens Of Ways To Sell Your Books
  • How To Write Stories and More Creative and Imaginative Writing Tips
  • Accomodation Is In The Price

 Join writer and author Alan Forrest Smith for what will be an incredible 7-day journey into creative writing of your book in a location that will arouse your senses, ignite your imagination an inspire you beyond your imagination. Alan has done everything with books from writing, publsihing, self-publishing, eBooks, amazon, ISBN, cover design and just about anything else you can think of involving a book.

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Brand new breakthrough writers course and retreat from MasterAndMan. This coming May 2018 (I know I’m planning ahead) I will be inviting six people that want to become writers to stay with me in Tbilisi for 7-days of creative writing. I primise you this will be the most creative week of your life. Not only will it be writing packed but it will be creative, it'll be fun, it'll be a journey of discovery and at the end of your time here you will go home knowing how we take files or manuscripts, create new books from them and create everything as an author from self-publishing to getting your book published.



Imagine this.

You wake up in a foreign land. The land is Georgia. Hot, undiscovered, interesting, fascinating and has a long history of writers, poets and non-conformists.

Once awake you can feel the heat of the day early but large trees and grapevines shade your writing retreat.

Once awake you look outside to see a classic Georgian (Kartule Ezo) courtyard. There are cats and there is plenty of activity going back and forth. You have your pace inside and of course outside in your own little private patch of Georgian Ezo where you will be absorbed in a week of creative writing.

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Alan Forrest Smith in Tbilisi, Georgia where he goes to write and also lives part-time.

Alan Forrest Smith in Tbilisi, Georgia where he goes to write and also lives part-time.


Next door to you are another four new writers like yourself. Across from you is writer and author Alan’s apartment that he shares with his Georgian wife. Alan has just finished his 15th book.

Waking up in Georgia is slow. By the time you hit 11 am life only begins to come to life and hit the streets. You know when that happens when the smell of fresh bread starts to drift into the courtyard and activity outside increases slowly as the temperature rises.

Your day of writing starts with coffee but not as you know it. A small shot of Turkish coffee in the ezo with your fellow creative writers. That ezo cats will be running around hoping you’ll feed them something.

The coffee is outdoors. It’s informal and usually made on a fire by our yard ‘deda’ will make you coffee with a smile and a daily welcome. The yard is getting warm, you can feel the heat of Tbilisi and you feel excited about what is coming next during what will prove to be an exciting day of writing, creating and sharing with your fellow writers.

Once showered and awake and the chit chat is over with your fellow writers Alan gathers you all together to get your day started with thoughts, ideas, tutorials, directions, mentoring with your book, masterminding your book if needed. You ask questions you need an experienced author to answer and Alan gives you the answers you need. Once the gathering and sharing is over it’s time for you to lockdown in your air-conditioned apartment and you start to write. If you get stuck with anything Alan is always close by or you might want to walk in the city just minutes away to be alone in the middle of the action while you write.

There is the famous Fabrika just up the road or poets café just further down the road but be assured there are a ton of interesting, fascinating, curious and modern or ancient places you can go to sit and write.

Once you’ve written all you can which for some writers it’s 2 pm and others its midnight you can go into Tbilisi on a discovery and adventure that you will never find in Europe.

Very quickly you notice that although Georgians are a curious people they also love strangers and are happy to offer incredible hospitality where it is needed.

Georgia is stimulating for your mind. It expands as you discover, it opens as you learn it makes you realise that what you see through your eyes is making you start to think different.

And there’s more coffee, more food, more of the famous Katchapuri or Kinkhali or other local dishes.

Then the day ends with another meet up and share in the ezo where you discuss your notes, writings, progresses, stops, needs, helps ort anything else that you feel will help you become an even better writer.

Tbilisi is a city of writers, it is a city of cultural explosion, it is a feast for the eyes and food for your mind.

During your week stay you’ll be more than happy to live a writers life with Alan where you will visit the homes of very famous writers, poets and iconoclasts. You’’ be taken into the most stunning country and visit the most astonishing mountains in Europe. You’ll have lunch and another session asking Alan anything you like at the incredible Khazbegi mountain range and even have the opportunity to get inside the mind of Joseph Stalin during a visit to his home just one hour away in Gori.


Tbilisi apartment

7 days of writing.

7 days of adventure. 

Seven days of a writer’s life. 

Learning how to be a better writer. 

Learning how to write stories of your experiences. 

Discovering new things that ignite your writers mind into new thinking. 

These 7 days in Tbilisi will transform everything about your writing.

7 days in Tbilisi will transform everything about your writing.

Not only will you experience a new fresh dynamic but ancient country you will have writer, author Alan Forrest Smith on-hand through your whole writing experience.

And what you are experiencing is exactly how I have lived my life for years.

Wring and living my life like a writer.

Getting paid, drinking coffee, selling books and the ability to create stories and other adventures.

There will also be time where Alan will insist you wake early because this will be the day you have to learn all the boringly necessary author stuff. Stuff like promoting yourself, visibility online, getting your cover created and designed, sorting out technical issues, using online retailers like Amazon and all the big names and more. And all of the other stuff that is just good to know but as writers we sometimes don’t have weeks or months to get to know them.

Don’t worry you can still have your coffee and breakfast and have time to play with the ezo cats if that is what you want to do.

But I guarantee you this.

You will fly home so high the plane will feel like its cruising at 100,000 ft. rather than the usual 30,000.

Your mind will be alive, fresh, on fire, invigorated, pulsing and pumping with stories, words, ideas and just about everything else most great writers and authors experience.

Seven days writing in Tbilisi will literally change your life.

  • Are you adventurous?
  • Do you want to join us?
  • Are you desperate to write your book?
  • Would you like to become a much better writer?
  • Do you like the idea of the writer’s life?
  • Would you like years and years of writers experience handed to you over a 7-day period?

You are invited but I want you to know you will get out of this week what you put into it. I can deliver everything and more but you need to deliver your best for yourself.

Writing is a moment where you have to use your heart, your soul, your energy, your mind and any other inspirational super-power you have.

Sometimes it’s easy.

Sometimes it’s tough.

Sometimes it’s frustrating.

Yet 7-days writing in Tbilisi is a perfect location for you to write when you feel like writing or leaves everything and go and live the writers life of discovery fueled by coffee.

I love it.

You’ll love it.




7-Days Creative Writing in Tbilisi, Georgia 

May 2018: 

27th May - 3rd June, 2018

We have six places.

  • You will have to share an apartment with another writer.
  • We pay for your accommodation.
  • Every aspect of writing will be covered.
  • From idea to words to covers to selling your books – will be covered.
  • How to tell better stories
  • How to create interesting characters
  • How to put your book together
  • How to promote your book yourself
  • How to find an agent
  • Writers group breakfast
  • Daily tutorials
  • Personal one-on-one where needed
  • Full attention
  • And so much more detail to be released as we get it.

If you want to change your life and love the idea of being a writer this will be perfect for you.

Now I have written and published 15 books. I have my own publishing house (MasterAndManBooks.com), I have published over 20 eBooks since 1999. I have just released two new books. One is philosophical called The Art of Deliberate Recreation – How To Manifest Everything From Nothing.

The other is short illustrated fiction called – The Little Angel and The Last Christmas. I have also started work on one more book and have at least another three I am working on right now.

In other words… I am a writer that writes and has been through everything you will have to pass through as a writer.

The whole purpose is to get you through faster and better.

Are you ready to join me?

This is a very early-bird notice for you.

This could also be the best Christmas gift you ever give yourself.

If you’d like a place saved all you have to do is make a deposit of just £1,000. This guarantees you have your place and accommodation booked.

Take a look at typical accomodation in our Courtyard called Ezo where you will be living for 7 days.

For any enquiries and the additional information regarding the Writers Retreat details, travel and accommodation related questions please email Tamara at tamara@alanforrestsmith.com or complete our contact form.