WANTED: New aspiring writers & authors - get published

This letter was originally sent to our newsletter subscribers in December 2018

As I type this letter it is Christmas and probably most of you are busy shopping and celebrating another year with your friends and loved ones.

However, I just wanted to send you this letter because I know if I find it exciting news you will also.

In 2019 we are going to give our publishing house a big push. This is www.MasterandManBooks.com

We are also going to nail down our specialization and push it hard.

In the meantime, we are looking for new authors and writers to publish. In other words ... we ARE interested in publishing your book. This means you will become a published author that can access fame and glory much easier - if that is what you want. Or you simply might want to create your legacy in words.

Either way, right now we have just 10 spaces for new authors.

We are looking for

  • Interesting books (Biography etc)

  • Philosophy books

  • Short compelling stories (even one single A4)

  • Books 10,000 words or less

  • Novellas

  • Poetry

  • Spiritual, ghost type fiction

We have ZERO interest in 'get quick rich myth' books.

We are very interested in seeing your books. Once we see them we will let you know very quickly if we can publish them.

There are a few terms for the publishing of your book.

Things like

Full typo and grammar edit

A legal edit

Layout and design


And a few other pre-publishing details

By the way, if you have none of those we are still interested and can help you sort all of those publishing details out.

But for now, this is an exciting time for you if you want to get your book published.




You are at the idea to file stage you might be better joining us here and then we can talk about publishing your book later.

Why now?

Do you know how difficult it is to actually get the attention of a publisher and then get an agreement?


The reason I created our publishing house is to publish my own books. That was it - no other reason. During that period my wife and myself have had to climb mountains to work this stuff out. Three years down the line and 17-books later we have it worked out.

Hence this is the year to push hard and help brilliant new struggling writers (like I was) to get published.

Is that you?

To send your book simply send to me at the email here or call me for more details.

Here's our publishing house

Our aim is to reach for the No.1 publisher in our field in the U.K to start with.

You can be part of something unique and finally get your book published.

Alan Forrest Smith