The husband and wife team behind Master and Man

The husband and wife team behind Master and Man

About Master and Man Books

Meet my wife Tamara and of course myself, writer and author Alan Forrest Smith.

The reason we set up Master and Man Books was frustration. As a writer myself chasing publishers, agents and all the other stuff that needs to be done it was just too hard and far too long a process. So I started publishing my own books as eBooks and self publishing. That wasn’t the best route for various reasons.

Eventually after a long while together with my wife we managed to find a route that just works every time from file to print.

That includes every aspect you can dream about as a writer. From promoting yourself you seeing your books in every online bookstore and many offline shops on the high street, to getting attention or getting high-quality reviews for your book.

I had to do it, we had to make that happen together. So we decided if it was that difficult for us that had a lot of experience we knew it was even tougher for new writers like yourself.

We created Master and Man Books to give new writers the very best opportunity to go from idea to file and then into print. I think we’ve created something pretty exciting here. These are early days for us with huge opportunities ahead for ourselves and our writers.

NOTE: We are not a huge corporation, we don’t have massive offices and we work from home. What you get here is a very personal relationship and direct contact with your publisher - not - a receptionist or assistant.

Our Mission For Master and Man Books

I want to get writers, authors and thinkers like yourself being seen, read and published. Writers that can push the boat, move readers, inspire others with their words and stories.

We’d love to speak with you about getting you into our creative force.

A Little More About Alan Forrest Smith The Writer

I got into serious writing from around 2008 (although my first eBook was published in 1998) with my first big blog at This led to being offered a book deal that never worked. It was costly and frankly had no distribution. By 2012 I had another book deal for my first real published book in New York - Escape from Zoomanity.

With my following books I found the whole process of publishing complicated, elevated, hard to understand, misdirected and more.

Eventually I decided the best way to publish my own books would be by creating my own publishing house so that is what we did. in 2018 I completed my 17th book and it has been a best seller. It is actually a business book - THE SALON PUNK - reflecting on my three decades plus of being a businessman. Right now I am writing my 18th and 19th at the same time.

I love being a writer I love the ability to get paid and have the freedom to live my life as I like whilst wiring what I feel the need to write. In 2018 I even had the ability to live in Tbilisi, Georgia for five months whilst I wrote away until the book was finally published.

I get writing and I fully understand the publishing business.

And More About Tamara Forrest Smith

My wife Tamara is the backbone of what you don’t really see in Master and Man Books. She knows and understands the deeper things of publishing and pulling everything together in the background so that your entry into publishing as a writer is much easier and smoother.

Tamara also writes through her blogs with one her blogs being found at

Tamara is from the Republic of Georgia, we have been together since 2010 and have our first child due this coming April 2019.


Master and Man

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We are authors like you. We understand the process. The highs, the lows, the rejections the struggles and the success. We get it because we've been there. Master and Man has been created by writers for writers of substance, quality and sheer brilliance. We are interested in looking at your manuscript and then offering all the advice we were never offered as writers. If we are interested we'd love to speak with you and take things further. We don't use interns or non-writers to look through your materials. We don't even have a slush pile.


At Master and Man, we can take a file or manuscript, take you through the file to print process and then list your book with the biggest names and buyers of books just like yours all over the world